From Fourth Street To 4th Street

The great granddaughter of a Massachusetts bakery owner, Janna Bastone has baking in her blood.  In the mid 1930’s  her grandmother Carmeline had a nickel to spend on a candy bar or a cookie. As she passed the small family bakery on Fourth St. in Fall River, she was tempted by the baked treats in the window. Just minutes later she was unexpectedly offered a job there at the front counter. Janna’s great aunt worked there as a decorator. The owner’s son Ernest worked in the kitchen as a baker and the relationship that evolved between Carmeline and Ernest was the catalyst for the family tradition to eventually be revived decades later in a warm brownstone kitchen on 4th St. in Brooklyn NY!

Now at a different Park Slope location, Janna would never consider leaving the neighborhood! Its community holds the perfect combination of foodies and families, artists and activists.  Her passion for innovative baking, unique decorating and social consciousness are exactly what 4 Wishes Cakery is all about.

A local mom experienced in catering to the whims of her family, Janna is now catering to you and yours! After many years working in restaurants, a bakery and candy shop, some extra classes, endless contributions to bake sales, making her brother’s wedding cake & donating many cakes & treats to the Hurricane Sandy Relief Kitchen, this baker/treat maker is ready to take on all challenges!

Sophisticated or fun, low fat or high, dairy or gluten free. Just ask and your wishes will be granted.…

site of  Franke’s Bakery in Fall River as it stands today- on a bit of a slope ;)

site of Franke’s Bakery on Fourth Street in Fall River Massachusetts as it stands today- on a bit of a slope 😉

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